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"...the fruit of lips that thankfully praise His name." Hebrews 13:15
VineSweet Ministries, Inc.


~ Minimize the Past ~

~Maximize Your Future~

If you are tired of looking for today's answers by consulting yesterday's mess,

Cheer Up!

There is an answer!

It is time for YOU to make

The VineSweet Connection©


 When you make the VineSweet Connection, you will

  • understand the significance of your personal value
  • celebrate and magnify positive life experiences
  • draw wisdom from, and learn to minimize negative experiences
  • take custody of the past
  • captivate the future
  • find and maximize your passion
  • Connect with LIFE in a brand new way!



  ~Leah Fort ~


• Speaker • 

• Life Coach • 

• Pastoral Counselor • 

• Author •


Speaker Leah Fort is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker.  When you bring her to your event, while she is speaking to the group, each person will feel they are receiving a one-on-one coaching session.  Leah helps open the way so each person gains a new perspective and sees themselves as the valuable person they are.  Leah enables you to reach within, to the depths of your spirit, and find the joy of fulfilling the purpose for which God created you!  She will entertain you and lead you into the future with renewed vision for your life and identify the tools required to achieve the goals purposed for you!  She will help you locate the DREAM God has planned and purposed for you! 

Coach As a Certified Professional Coach, Leah has developed  The VineSweet Connection©.  This is a personalized coaching program geared to help individuals find fulfillment in a more satisfying and successful way of living every day life.  Leah's coaching helps develop and put into practice the life skills that will lead toward personal success and will translate to every area of life.

Pastoral Counselor Leah provides pastoral counseling as an associate minister in her local church.  She works with individuals, couples and families and guides through Bibilical perspective.  Leah possesses a B.A., Min. with specialization in Biblical Counseling and is a certified Biblical Counselor by the American Academy of Biblical Counselors.    

Author Appearing alongside the late Dr. Stephen R. Covey and renowned speaker Patricia Fripp in the book Success Simplified: Simple Solutions Measurable Results (Insight 2011), Leah Fort shares the tenets of The VineSweet Connection© (formerly known as The Coco Conversion©).  Fort is also published in Faith Lessons: Experiencing the Miracles (Insight 2008) where she, along with the late Dr. Robert Schuller and actress Jennifer O'Neal, shares practical wisdom about everyday miracles.  

Broadcast Media Leah's VineSweet Connection broadcasts are heard weekdays at 2:15 p.m. CST on the Kingdom Keys Radio Network, Monday through Friday, which can be found on local radio stations throughout the Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico area and on the internet at www.KingdomKeysRadio.org.
Community Leah is a strong believer in giving to the community in which one's life is sustained through work, leisure & relationships.  In doing so, Leah chooses to volunteer with programs and agencies that uphold the Biblical values which are vital to the success of a community.  Leah serves on the Amarillo Education Foundation board, served as President of the Board of Directors of Worth the Wait, and is working with The PARC to minister both spiritually and practically to the homeless population. 

Leah is a graduate of Leadership Amarillo & Canyon, Inc. and a member of the International Speakers Network [ISN] and the National Association of Professional Women.  She is a licensed minister and serves as a Bible Study Teacher and Worship Minister.   

What is Success?

What does it mean to BE a Success?

Where is Success?


How do I find IT?





Have you asked these questions? 

The truth is

Success does not come to you. 

YOU must seek it out.


awaits YOUR arrival!! 



When invited to join internationally renowned speakers Stephen Covey and Patricia Fripp to author a book on success, Leah was honored to have the opportunity.  In this work, Leah shares some of the pieces of her own journey that led to the creation and development of The VineSweet Connection© (formerly known as The Coco Conversion©).  She reveals the basic steps that can be applied to virually every situation in one's life that can help them address the situations and circumstances they face.  When these steps are applied, individuals will find the personal success they are seeking.

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 Real REST can be experienced, daily.
Find out how in


In the midst of the development of The Coco Conversion© Leah discovered the overriding reality that people have difficulty finding true rest. 

The miracle of true rest does not have to be elusive any longer! 

Finding Rest in Jesus© is found in the book

Faith Lessons: Experiencing the Miracles 

Along with internationally recognized minister and author, Robert Schuller, and actress/model, Jennifer O'Neill, Leah shares life lessons from her own tale of triumph for everyday life in the pages of Faith Lessons

In her story you will discover the source of Leah's joy for living and find that same source is available to YOU!

The miracle of TRUE REST can be YOURS! 

Faith Lessons is available for $15.95 per copy, plus shipping 

Order your copy today!

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"Lord, I have heard of your fame.  I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord."

Habakkuk 3:2 NIV